The accommodation can make or break your vacation

There is no doubt that having a really relaxing and enjoyable time is what everyone wants from their vacation. It doesn’t matter where you choose to go the goals of relaxation and feeling great are always the same.  But the quality of your vacation can depend  a great deal on the kind of accommodation you choose. Everyone knows that hotel rooms can be expensive but it seems that we now have a very attractive alternative – luxury apartments.

There are several advantages to be gained from renting a luxury apartment:

# 1 Value for money.
Renting an apartment can save money, leaving more for you to spend on enjoying good meals and discovering the attractions of the area. Keep this in mind, especially if you are travelling with a large family or group of friends. If you are considering South Africa you can find Cape Town Luxury apartments that sleep up to 10 people in comfort and privacy. It’s hard to find a hotel that can do the same.

# 2 Plenty of space to relax in.
You will certainly want to take part in all kinds of different activities and see as much of the area as possible. This is always a key component of any vacation but it can be tiring, especially if you are visiting during the warmer months. Why not follow the local custom and return to your apartment for a nap after lunch? The great thing about Cape Town Waterfront accommodation is that you will have more than enough space in which to relax while you plan your next adventure.

# 3 Great facilities
It is very likely that when you choose to spend your holiday in a luxury apartment it will have all the features you expect from a hotel room – and much more. Most apartments have facilities such as: heating, air conditioning, wireless internet, stereo and flat screen televisions. A large living area together with large bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen will be the norm.Luxury apartments will also be sure to have extensive outdoor space, either a terrace or balconies.

# 4 The location
Hotels can be great, but sometimes leave you with the feeling of being “just another tourist.” By choosing instead Cape Town waterfront apartments you can really feel at home; sometimes this type of accommodation, through their owners or staff will introduce you to the city as if you were a local rather than a tourist. This is a wonderful feeling and something that not many tourists who visit the area get to appreciate and enjoy.

# 5 Self Catering
Eating every meal at a restaurant can get to be expensive, so another great option is to use your apartment kitchen cook at home. Local ingredients are fresh and inexpensive.

As you can see, there is a great deal to be said in favour of staying in a luxury apartment rather than a hotel on your next vacation.

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