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Younger Generation Already Seasoned Travellers

Younger Generation Already Seasoned Travellers The poll from the Post Office Travel insurance said that on average people in this age bracket had been overseas no less than four times before they hit the age of sixteen.

“Generation Y”, as they are often dubbed, have far greater experience of the wider world. This is partly thanks to the advent of cheap flights and low cost holidays that allow the majority of people to explore foreign countries.

Europe holidays were understandably the most popular and prevalent of Generation Y’s holiday experiences at a young age. However, the poll has shown that 17 per cent of the respondents had been to North Africa by this age and 15 per cent had ventured even further afield on cheap flights to the USA.

60 per cent of the respondents had been on a flight by the age of four, demonstrating the rise of airlines’ ability to care for the very youngest of passengers.

Travel journalist and broadcaster Alison Rice added: “So many of us now take holidays abroad for granted, it’s hard to remember just how exotic the simplest trip to Spain was for the post-war generation.”

“When our pioneering grandparents chose Benidorm over Blackpool, they could never have guessed that their grandchildren would be nipping off to Barcelona, Bali and Brisbane for their holiday breaks.”

Cheap flights and other holiday essentials such as travel insurance can be found easily online as the cost of international travel continues to become more affordable, increasing the rate at which people of all ages now experience foreign countries, cuisines and cultures.

Travel Industry news published by Tom Murray